Want to become a Voiceover Artist?


Been told you have a great voice or want to try working as a Voiceover from home?


Do you find it painful trying to research Voiceover online, then get all confused trying to pull information together from different channels? Have you  wondered about becoming a Voiceover Artist, but are desperate for more info or simply don't know where to start? 

I've got you covered! In my 5 module course "How to build a home voiceover studio on a budget" I tell you how to build a broadcast quality home voiceover studio, so you can start earning as a Voiceover Artist from home.

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How to build a home voiceover studio

Seriously, my first ever home Voiceover studio was in a closet. 

And it did the job beautifully!

I learned how to build home Voiceover studios on a budget out of necessity.

You see, the secret is most Voiceover Artists have a home studio and most are hand-made. 

When I started out, some people tried to tell me I should invest in a professional home voiceover booth, but when a company quoted me £7,000 to come and build it, I nearly died of shock. Then I thought i'd better do it myself.

So I did.

I have built all my home studios on a budget.

My current home-made Voiceover Studio is in a corner of my spare bedroom. I built it many years ago and I record pretty much ALL my work in it, including national TV ad campaigns! 

I still use it today because it does the job perfectly. 




In my course I answer common questions, show you what you need and tell you how to build it.

You can build a home studio quickly, effectively and on a budget for less than £500 including your equipment.

Let me show you how.

What will I get?

In my 5 module course, I will show you how to build a home made voiceover studio on a low budget.

You can use materials from around your home for sound proofing, which keeps the cost down even more. 

I will show you what you need and why you need it in simple, easy to follow steps.

The process is easier than you think.

Build your home studio and start getting paid!

The voiceover industry is booming and there is TONS of work for EVERYONE.

A simple 3.5 minute e-learning script can earn you around £250. Established Voiceover Artists can earn 6 figures a year.

Build your studio TODAY and start earning.

In this course package you will get:

  • 5 module video course (worth £29.95)

All for just $15.00!

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